The Stopper
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The new patented stopper has many advantages compared to regular stopperse
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Compared to regular stoppers is this stopper not visable from the outside. The inner (elastic) mechanism has a sound reducing fubction.

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(1) This stopper is a L-shaped plastic part that holds a small elastic. The small part (endstop) is connecte to the larger part by means of an elastic. This larger part can be mounted directly in the end rail without cutting, shortening the endrail.
This stopper is suitable for all types of endrails and rollershutters.
(2) Incase of repair work on the rollershutter it is easy to remove the stopper. Just turn the small part (endstop) for about 90 degrees.
(3) The endstop will hit the upper end and at that moment the elastic will expant. The tension of the elastic makes sure that the rollershutter always returns out of the casing
(4) The Roller shutter will be breaked slowly, and compared to normal shutters it wil not make the loud noise. The elastic will be under slide tention when in the casing, this will help the shutter to pop-out. In current systems an Iron bar is used to make sure the shutter will drop. This is no longer nessasary. This will make it less possible for the lamel to get stuck in the casing.


The new patented stopper will also fit in the bigger profils.

Some prototypes

 De Benifits:

    Fit in al types of endrails
    No iron neded in the endrail
    Soft stop
    Suited for all kinds of lamels
    Stopper will hep the shutter to pop out

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