The Beltpully
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With this new patented belt pulley it is no longer necessary to partly or complete open the roller blind holder (as it is done with conventional systems) Only a few simple actions are needed to exchange the belt from outside the holder.

  Wig-shaped connecting system.

Mechanic The affirmative of the ribbon (belt) to the disk is more efficiently at this new patented belt pulley. The construction is simplified, faster to mount and, as a result also cheaper. At the spot where in normal belt pulleys a hole is for the screw mounting, this new belt pulley has a special opening. On the inside there is a wedge-shaped clamp system, in which the belt can slid using the tool. This new wedge-shaped clamp system makes the cutting into the belt and after that the screwing down, like at the current link disks superfluous. The patented wedge-shaped clamp system of the belt pulley, can be applied to any type of belt ore rope and is easily mounted in existing role shutter systems.
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  Assembly / Disassembly tool.

Assembly and disassembly is possible with a special designed tool. The tool is:
tool     Simple,

The tool looks like a spring (small thin plate) and has an slightly upward pointed arrow like shape on one side and is strait on the other side. The arrow side is for assembly. And the strait side is for disassembly.

  Changing the belt.

1) To change the belt it is necessary to pull up the roller blind. Then the opening in the pulley is inline with the opening in the wall, where the belt enters the room. Place the tool in the open slot where the belt comes from.

band in de schijf band uit de schijf

2) By pressing the strait side in-between the “sloped” wig and the belt, you can stop the friction and remove the belt gently.

3) The Assembly of a new ribbon (belt) is as easy as disassembly was. Press the tool with the arrow side slightly in the belt and mount the belt to the tool.

4) Push the tool with the belt mounted in the open side of the pulley. Make sure that the belt is on the side of the “wedge shaped” clamp system. This will make sure that the belt gets stuck in pulley.

5) The tool can be pulled back from the roller and the clamp power of the wedge-shaped part will hold the belt in place. When you pull on the belt it will hold the belt more and more on its place.

Now you can lower the roller shutter and the belt will be rolled automatically on the pulley.

  The Benefits:

     Cheap construction.
     Fast mounting / disassembly .
     The belt is replaceable without opening the casing.
     Only one cheap and simple tool needed.

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